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Post  wilk on Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:31 am

When Sagarika Singh came to Kerala in August, she included a visit to an Ayurvedic resort in her travel itinerary. `` I intended to have an oil massage and dhara,’’ she said. Little she knew that it was Karkitada, the Malayalam month which is the right time to undergo various Ayurvedic treatments.
``I went to three resorts, and the first two had already been booked by others. The masseurs all were occupied and I couldn’t find help. Finally, I could find one resort with less number of bookings in a remote area. The resort authorities showed me various ayurvedic packagesthey offer. I was so ignorant on Ayurveda that I did not know that it offers more than oil massage, herbal medicines and dhara,’’ Sagarika says.
Finally, she selected a panchakarma treatment, which compelled her to extend her stay in Kerala. ``But I have no regrets,’’ says Sagarika. ``I came back home after the therapy, with a renewed vigour, fresh mind and of course, more information on Ayurveda,’’ she says.
Panchakarma is one of the main detoxifying methods propounded by Ayurveda and it pacifies the imbalances of the humours in the body. Panchakarma goes through many phases such as pre-treatment, primary treatment and post- treatment. Pre-treatment includes activities such as oil therapy, massage and fomentation where as primary treatment includes steps such as therapeutic purgation, vomiting, enema etc. Post treatment is also called paschat karma and it mainly includes dietary restrictions.
It is good to undergo a detoxification treatment during the month of Karkadaka. It will surely add to your health, says Niranjana Babu, an Ayurvedic student in Kerala.


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